Friday, September 14, 2001

I've ate 2 HUGE peachs. And............... FrootRings with cold milk. What the heck!!
I will be fatter and fatter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kill me...
Donate now! I can't donate in NY, but I will try to do it in Korea. Donate! Donate your blood or cash!!!!!!!!!
RedCross wants your love..............
And... United Way wants your eyes and your ears...
NY Firefighter's Fund wants you...
Common! Why do ya hesitate!!!!!!!!!!!! Didn't ya see that the man who jumped out from the building?
And didn't ya know so many resque workers and firefighters are killed!!!!!
Ya know what? Some ppl think, its american fault. Anyhow!! This terrible, and evil terror can't be justified.
Don't ya agree with me?
Almost Done!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!
Oh, not yay..... Did I say Yay??..... Oh gosh, so I'm not a GOOD GIRL!!
Innocent ppl.. God bless USA!!!!
Well, maybe ya ppl wanna know why I wanna be a GOOD GIRL...
Here are some reasons....
First, I wanna be a Good Girl for being loved by my parents... Oh gosh, don't imagine like that. My mom and pop love me so much.
But ya know what? I have a GREAT brother. He is older than me. And He is SO better than me. He was SO good at studying.
He was SO good at being a son. Well, ya can call me kinda like Brother Complex. Well, I don't care if ya wanna call me like that or not.
Cuz, I think, I have damn this complex. Err.... I've known this complex since I was 10. Wow! 10! 10!! That's another tragedy for me. I couldn't get out of this damn mood for 9years. You know what is meaning of this? That means, I've always blamed my brother and my parents about everything...... But I didn't know that it was my fault for 9years. Now, I noticed, and I realized it. So, I wanna be a GOOD Girl and GOOD Younger Sister.......
Second, I wanna be more popular. Yeah, blame me. And laugh at me. I don't care if ya think I'm not a grown-up. Practically I think I'm almost grownup. Not fully grownup.
Whatever... I wanna be more popular. If I can be more popular(thou, I'm an average girl. I have enough friends. They are really good friends..) then I can be elected to the President of Student Council. Or some kinda that.
Thrid and last reason is..... I wanna love myself. I wanna love my life. I don't like my life. I don't love myself. I don't know why. But I don't. Really I don't. Yeah, I'm quite fat.
And I'm quite ugly. But those things can't be the reasons of why I don't like me and myself. My mind. My mean mind.... Maybe that's one of the reasons...
Hmm.. And I cry quite a lot... Really quite a lot. Really I do. I don't wanna be tear jerker. Sometimes, crying is quite a good, and quite a natural thing, but almost cases when I cried out, it wasn't good. I was totally loser............. You know this book? The name of book is "Chicken Soup for a teenager journal". In this book, there was this quote. I loved this quote. "If ya can't love yourself, who can love you?".. This is a quite simple and very....... short quote. But this quote include great meaning. This quote made me to realize the real world. Who can love me when I can't love myself!!! Nobody!!! Oh gosh. I'm totally dying for hunger....... Wait a sec..
Finally, I've almost done this damn blog. Well, see, I'm good. I'm totally good at Computer. Heehee. Hmm.. Let me see. I must link some good things at here. Hmm. Okie, I will surf here and there for getting some good links. Hey!!!! Wait me a sec. It WON'T take time more.
Gosh, this is my 6th blog. What the heck!!!!!!!!!!! I'm totally knocked down. Hey, let me know how to handle this fucking template!!! Ya know how to do? Today was totally bad enough to cry out. Well, I've been crying out for almost 3days. For, you know, the tragedy in NYC. But today, I cried out for making this blog. Maybe I'm not good at Computer. I thought, I could make this one very easy. But I couldn't. Really. Goddness sake!!! Please, if ya know how to decorate this fucking Template, please let me know. I'll appreciate ya so much. Thanks.